About TREG

TREG Logo Rheumatology, as much as any other field in medicine, has exploded in the past 15 years, with more new therapies becoming available in that time than in the previous half century. While this may mean that clinicians are more able than ever to effectively treat their patients, they are often faced with a dizzying array of therapeutic options; selecting, and managing, appropriate therapy can be a daunting proposition. The data is out there, but the context is not always clear.

The Rheumatology Education Group’s mission is to provide that context. We are a group of rheumatologists with over 300 years of collective experience in clinical practice, research, and education. While we recognize that there are many sources of data on rheumatic diseases and their therapies, our goal is to provide not only the data, but our insight into this data. We cover both published data and data presented at the major international rheumatology meetings, and we integrate it so that it is useful both to our fellow rheumatologists and to our industry partners.